Reviving Your Art Collection Post-Fire: A Comprehensive Restoration Guide

Have you recently endured the distress of a fire in your home? At Kingston Frameworks Restoration Division, we are experts in reviving artworks that have suffered from fire, smoke, and water damage. This guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our specialized restoration process, aimed at bringing your cherished art pieces back to their former glory.

1. Detailed Initial Assessment

Comprehensive Evaluation: Our team conducts a thorough evaluation, crucial for understanding the extent of damage from fire, smoke, and water. We determine your needs for fire and water restoration for each unique piece of art. We take the measurements, assess the extent of damage, as well as the type of care best suited to that particular style of work.

Documentation for Insurance: We assist in documenting damages meticulously, aiding in your fire damage insurance claims.(How do you navigate your insurance claim for restoring your pieces? Read our article to learn all about it.)

Safety Protocols: Prioritizing the safety of both the artwork and our team, we use protective gear to prevent further contamination or deterioration during assessment and restoration.

2. Conservation Restoration Techniques

Ozone Chamber Odor Removal: Our state-of-the-art ozone chamber is a key aspect of our smoke damage restoration services. Ozone eliminates smoke odors while preserving the integrity of the artwork. Ozone combines with the carbon atoms and contaminants left behind on your piece to remove them into the air.

Non-Invasive Cleaning Methods: We use gentle, non-invasive techniques for both art and framing cleaning. Our materials and solutions are gentle but effective. We clean every part of your artwork, inside and out. We disassemble and reassemble your piece, often replacing materials such as matboard and backing which can absorb smoke damage, and restore the piece to its previous state.

Fire and Water: In the case of many fires, there can also be water damage that has affected your piece from the process of putting out the fire. We are also experienced and capable at flattening your piece if it has taken on wrinkles from moisture. In some cases a piece will require digital scanning and reprinting due to damage that can’t be easily reversed, such as water stains on paper. Before we reprint your piece, we will remove the stains in photoshop. The original can still be held onto, often we tuck the original into the back of the piece using a sealed clear plastic sleeve, especially when it is of sentimental value.

3. Ready for Anything

Expertise in Fine Art Restoration: Fine art comes in many varieties, including paintings on canvas, on paper, photography, sculpture, watercolor, prints, pastels, and so much more. We are experienced at handling and maintaining each of these various types of work.

Framing Restoration: We understand that frames are not just supports but integral parts of the artwork. Whether dealing with antique wood or contemporary metal frames, our methods are customized to preserve their aesthetic and structural essence.

4. Working With You

For Restoration Companies: We partner with disaster restoration companies to restore treasured possessions. Damage Restoration companies seem to like working with us too! We always provide timely support, clear billing, and avoid re-assessments by providing thorough initial quotes. We offer our expertise in art restoration to complement their services.

For Private Clients: Understanding the emotional value attached to personal art collections, our team works closely with individual clients, ensuring transparency and personalized care throughout the restoration process.

5. The Kingston Frameworks Experience

Client-Centric Service: Our process is not just about restoration; it’s about providing a reassuring experience for our clients. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we ensure you are informed and involved at every step.

Comprehensive Solutions: Whether it’s a cherished family portrait or a valuable piece of fine art, our comprehensive smoke remediation and fire restoration services are designed to meet the specific needs of each piece.

Professional Excellence: To experience our expert services, contact Kingston Frameworks and let us help you restore your collection to its former glory.


Restoring your art collection post-fire requires expertise, care, and a personalized approach. The Kingston Frameworks Restoration Division is committed to providing exceptional fire and water damage clean up and restoration services. If your art has been affected, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you reclaim the beauty and value of your art.

Looking for guidance on insurance claims for your damaged art? Check out our article on navigating insurance claims in the restoration process.

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