Interior Designer

We’re a full-service framing powerhouse that can take on any project, large or small, from start to finish.

Work we completed at the Frontenac Club Inn in 2020

Why use a custom framer?

Custom frames can make as much of an impression as the artwork itself. They’re made-to-order finishes that can be entirely personalized to suit your design and your client’s taste.

We can make framing a seamless part of your plans, so your design can be entirely unique and yet cohesive. It’s going the extra design mile for your client – while you can benefit from the additional billable hours.

Don’t leave a design opportunity on the table

The Details

Your design comes down to the details – that’s why your clients come to you, and why our customers choose us. We devote meticulous care to texture, light, dimension, and atmosphere. You know the little things make a big difference.


Custom framers use real wood, metal, and premium glass. Big box-store frames use factory-assembled particle board. You’re going to see the difference and so will your client. Do your design justice.


You can add billable hours to your invoice for your time spent in consultation, but we’ll take on the work. We’re a full-service framing powerhouse that can take on any project, large or small, from start to finish. You decide how involved you want to be.

We host the largest selection of custom frames in Canada and over 40 years of design expertise so we can bring your vision to life.

What can we do for you?


Kingston Frameworks can safely ship your order (including real, premium glass) as well as oversized and fragile pieces Canada-wide and internationally. More information on our Shipping & Production.

Virtual Consultation

Get to know us and what we can do for you through a free, no-commitment, virtual or in-store consultation. We’ll run through your project, discuss pricing options, and set up a project plan.


Our installation team can ensure your project is professionally placed and secured. For all our clients, whether you opt for installation or shipping, we can create a frame plan to outline how framing will integrate into your design. A frame plan at its minimum is how and where the artwork will be fixed/displayed.

Clients come to you for unique, personalized, cutting-edge design, why sacrifice an opportunity to deliver more?