Art Restoration

Whether you’re repairing a family heirloom or adding to your art collection, we can help ensure your piece lasts another lifetime.

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Kingston Frameworks offers art restoration services in Kingston, Ontario at competitive rates and are always happy to provide a quote on a piece.

We arrange secure shipping to our workshop from all over Canada, so you don’t have to be in our area to work with us. Find more information on Shipping.

Art Restoration Services

Certified in professional object restoration, ornate frame restoration, and painting restoration

Please note: there is no local private restoration service for works on paper at this time besides working with Queen’s University. We handle restoring works on canvas, frame restoration and object/antique restoration.






Dust, dirt, smoke (and even spider poop!!) can build up on paintings, frames, and objects. Surface cleaning involves non-harmful chemicals and a steady hand. A layer of varnish may need to be removed when a piece has been stained. After a cleaning, a fresh layer of varnish may be added to protect the piece.

Repair Tears

Tears in canvas can be tragic, but adding a patch, and retouching the painting to an exact match is an art in itself. No matter how bad the tear, it can be restored. We can talk to you about how to safely ship your piece to us without causing further damage.

Fixing Damage

Paint can become chipped. Objects can be damaged. Scratches and bumps and bruises and more. First, a hole may need to be filled with conservation grade fillers. Then, it takes specialty materials and a huge library of paints and finishes to match the original finish in the damaged area.

Conservation Hinging

Some artwork and photographs require special treatment for preservation purposes. We can preserve your art in conservation-grade framing and use non-invasive hinging techniques if you believe this is right for your piece.

Hinge-free mounting secures your artwork or photographs onto a mat without adhesive or tape threatening damage.

How much does it cost?

As with anything, cost is relative to the value of what you are getting. To fix a priceless painting or family heirloom may well be worth any cost. Our art restoration services come in at a competitive price, but even then, a job can easily be $500 to $1000. Contact us for a more accurate quote on your project

We accept pieces from all over the globe. We can help you arrange to safely ship your piece here, or you can arrange to drop it off at your convenience.

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