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We import quality, professional-grade frame moulding from all over the world so we can offer you the highest standard of materials for your custom framing. Our experienced team is ready to work with you throughout the design process so you can take home unique, design-forward, and entirely customized framing
options. Kingston FrameWorks offers custom framing as well as digital printing, graphic design, photo and print mounting, and professional wall installation services. Our services and gallery are also now available online, so you can shop, print, and frame art all in one place.
FrameWorks is the premiere custom framing service in Kingston – let us show  you why.
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How It All Began

Proudly Serving Kingston Since 1982

Founded in 1982 by Wayne Morris, FrameWorks grew into a business with 8 employees. In 2018, Wayne’s son, Colin Morris, stepped into the family business as Wayne transitions to a happy retirement. FrameWorks has since expanded its service offerings to include new products like picture frame lighting and state-of-the-art equipment that expands FrameWorks’ customization capabilities as well as our project efficiency. We now work with interior designers, military members, artists, and collectors from across Canada, but we will always love serving our home community of Kingston, Ontario.

2019 Community Engagement Award Winner

Kingston FrameWorks has become even more involved with partners in the community, ultimately winning the 2019 Community Engagement Award. FrameWorks hosts events and works with artists to create unique experiences and showcase the talent in our community. In 2019, FrameWorks’ show, 100 Years of Kingston, captured brilliant photographs of our city and compared them to the same shots taken by WWI veteran pilots Billy Bishop and William Barker in 1919. The show was a great success and raised $2,000 for the Military Veteran’s Program Plus.

The Design Experience

When you bring your piece to Kingston FrameWorks, you have the opportunity to create something unique and valuable. With a huge selection of options and amazing designers to help you narrow it down, every piece becomes authentically yours. Our design experience is what our customers fall in love with, and what keeps them coming back again and again. Don’t hide your art under your bed, or your photos in your camera, or your memories in a closet. Bring them to FrameWorks and let us help you turn them into something even more special.