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Based in Kingston, Ontario, since 1982

About Kingston Frameworks

We’ve been a local business for the last 40 years, growing into a Canadian framing powerhouse.
It’s important to us that our values and exceptional product quality remain the same, no matter how big we get. That’s what we’ve built our success on – never compromising our service. We’re not your average frame shop.

Although our workshop is housed in our downtown Kingston store, we’ve expanded well beyond its walls. But we haven’t lost sight of you in the process. We can create beautiful frames for you, wherever you are in the world, and still devote the same care to your project as if you were in our shop.

Every piece comes with the attention to detail and close working relationship you expect from a small supplier.

Make It Yours

Frame what you love with a team that cares. One-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to framing and cookie-cutter doesn’t do your art justice.

Custom in Every Detail

Our team has decades of design experience and the largest selection of custom frame moulding in Canada at their fingertips to work their magic.

We like Weird

We love to test our creativity with projects that are a little out of the ordinary – you name it, we’ve framed it – we’re always up for the challenge.

You can frame anything. really – anything

We’ve been doing this for generations

We’re a family business. Wayne Morris, my father, and his business partner Dave Menard founded Kingston Frameworks June 12th 1982 as a “Do it Yourself” frame shop. It was a community effort – Wayne even borrowed money from his aunt (and paid her back every cent with interest).

Dave never intended to work in the business, he planned on being a passive investor. But on that Saturday when they opened the doors for the first time, Dave came by to check on the store and it was so slammed he spent the rest of the day helping Wayne get through it.

I bought into the family business in 2018 when Dave was looking to retire. It’s been humbling to be trusted with this responsibility and, most importantly a huge reward to work alongside my dad each day.

I want to continue the legacy that Dave and my dad built while growing Kingston Frameworks until we can frame the four corners of the world. We owe our success to our incredible team, our amazing community, and of course, to you.

Colin Morris

CEO of Kingston Frameworks / Art Ninja

Oh, Kingston

Kingston has been the perfect backdrop for our business. It’s a vibrant, historical city that has inspired legendary bands and world-renowned artists – Kingston has, and always will be home to art lovers – and us.

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