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Saving your art from the flood

While springtime is a prime time for Flooding to occur, faulty pipes and leaky roofs make water damage a year-round concern. Let’s assume you have

How to Store your Unframed Art

Canvasses When storing stretched canvasses, know that artwork made with oil-based or acrylic paints need to breathe, so wrap the stretched canvases in loosely in

What Benefit Comes From Matting?

When a client is looking for an economical solution to preserving their memories, invariably it’s the mat that is the first thing that suffers. But

Custom Prints!

Last December we debuted our line of 16×20 custom photo print templates. Each template will accommodate a number of photographs (from 6 to 8), as

Upcoming guest artist: James Raffan

Speaker, author and adventurer James Raffan will be our guest artist this fall for Art After Dark, Saturday the 26th of September. For “Arctic Faces

Art After Dark spring 2014

Have you attended the Art After Dark gallery tour before in Kingston? From 7pm until 10pm, a variety of Downtown Kingston Ontario galleries open their