Jan 2024 Moving Clearance Sale

The biggest move in Kingston is happening right now: We are getting ready to change the art services game as we move to our new location.

And YOU get to benefit. Our huge selection of overstock frame mouldings is ready for you to browse and select. Get up to 80% OFF on a completely custom built frame using our huge selection of in-stock materials.

Dig into your Secret Stash of treasures you have waiting, and book an appointment before they are gone!

How Our Moving Clearance Sale Works

In a nuthsell, we will cut a custom size for your piece using our special Build-A-Frame pricing. 

Our Build-A-Frame pricing includes glass, matboard and a custom fitting for your piece. It will be ready to hang in short order!

The pricing is completely based on the size of the piece, and it is always amazing! So, no matter which moulding you pick, it just depends on the size of the frame that we cut it to. 

We have seen very high value mouldings be turned into frames for a fraction of what they are worth. 

Sale Ends January 31st!

Book Now: Moving Clearance Sale!

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