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A Doorway into the Past

From Concept to Design to Assembly & Installation, the collaboration between Frameworks and our Clients continues to Inspire us. In this Frame & Design series of posts, we’re Sharing some of our favourite projects in hopes that they might inspire you in turn.

As part of a Renovation at a neighboring building in Kingston’s downtown, a section of the back of the original Limestone Building was left untouched, providing a dramatic century-old Feature Wall near the offices at the top of the stairs. With an eye towards dressing up the unfinished bricked-in doorway left exposed, which presumably once led to apartments off Queen Street, we worked with our client to re-open this Doorway into the Past with a handsome bevelled mirror.

Above, on the left Princess Street at Montreal Street in downtown Kingston, Ontario circa the late 1900s. The building where this Mirror (right) was installed is near the left-most awning.

Taking a style-nod from the textural quality of the exposed Limestone and the weathered planks above the doorway, we started looking through the Frame Samples in our gallery, hunting for styles that said ‘Reclaimed Wood‘, or ‘Rustic‘. The completed custom frame would have to carry the weight of a 3′ x 6′ bevelled mirror comfortably, so pulled for consideration wide, solid wood frames with plenty of space for v-nails at the back. The large Wall Mirror itself was sourced from a local business in Kingston.

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With our client, we settled on a luxuriant yet modern frame moulding that wouldn’t so much blend into the wall as much as Stand Out! Delivery to the renovated building was a simple affair (just a walk up the street!), and with the aid of matching z-rails at the top of the Framed Mirror and the planks above the Doorway, installation was a breeze. Security brackets added to the base of the mirror’s frame lock it to the wall with the aid of a key.

Besides the Wow Factor this Faux Doorway now provides, this mirror 1) greatly increases the sense of Space at the top of the stairs, and 2) has introduced reflected light. This solution could easily be applied to any small space, like an apartment or a bathroom, to make it Feel more Spacious. 

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