Tips on the Fine Art of Hanging Frames

Although a framed piece of art should be able to stand on its own, its relationship with the other objects in the room where it’s hung should be considered. Try to give furniture 4 to 8 inches of buffer space. Artwork hung above a mantel, headboard or couch should be two-thirds their width.

The wall’s overall shape itself should also be a consideration. Vertical art suits tall and thin walls, for example, and small frames can get lost in large spaces.

Artwork hung near one another share spatial relationships. You can use shapes or hard lines within the images to draw the viewer’s eye from one image to another, or align the edges of the frames to bring their eye across. Framed art whose subjects relate can be hung closer together. Artwork hung apart from a group is lent emphasis. Lay them out on the floor and shuffle them around to find the best fit.

Quick Hints

  1. The hangers for heavy artwork should go into wall studs. If using screws, think about using anchors that clasp the other side of the drywall to spread the weight.
  2. If you have kids, think about security hangers. All it takes is a ball or a nudge.
  3. Draw and cut out outlines of your framed artwork on kraft paper. Use these cutouts (with some low-tack tape) to determine your artwork’s placement (eye-height is a good rule of thumb).
  4. Deciding where to put the nail in the wall. If your art has a wire hanger, place it face down on your table and pull the wire taut to find where the nail will sit when the frame is hung on the wall. Next tape a thumbtack, the needle pointing away from the art, under the wire where the nail will sit. Once you’ve decided where you’d like your art hung, line up your frame and press gently against the wall. The indent made by the thumbtack will indicate the best spot for your nail.
  5. Use a piece of string when hanging a large frame with a wire hanger. Slip one end snugly under the framing hook or nail in the wall and the other end of the string under the wire hanger. When hanging the artwork, grasp the string from above and use it to guide the wire on the hook.

Let us take care of your installation!

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