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Saving Your Art from the Flood

While springtime is a prime time for Flooding to occur, faulty pipes and leaky roofs make water damage a year-round concern. Let’s assume you have Artwork that has been soaked, and you’ve laid it flat in a dry space while you consider your options. Should you remove the Artwork from the frame?

The answer is yes, if you can. Leaving your artwork inside the frame assembly can encourage the growth of mold, so it should be removed as soon as possible with caution. When paper is wet, it can be prone to tearing, especially where adhesives have been applied. Once removed from the frame, the artwork should be laid face up and flat on paper towels in a cool, dry place, removing said towels as they become wet. Use fans to increase air circulation.

Should you feel some resistance when removing the Artwork from the backing or mat board, you may wish to contact a conservator to prevent further damage. Artwork that is stuck to the glass should be left face down to dry; these can be photographed and duplicated for reframing. This is a great option for diplomas, photographs, prints or other items that are mainly for display and it is not necessary to keep the original work.

If you live in the Kingston area and you’d like to get in contact with an Art Conservator about your work, or you’d like to have a piece of Artwork digitally duplicated and restored, send us a message through our site’s contact form.

If the Flooding feels like more than you can handle, we recommend Servicemaster in the Kingston area.

We found the advice posted by oliverbrothersonline.com to be invaluable in writing this article. If you require further tips on dealing with soaked art, books, textiles, furniture or metal, look for “water damaged art” under the “art restoration” drop-down menu.