Quick fix for cracked frame corners

Is your frame suffering from loose corner joints? Our step-by-step instructions, using materials you’re apt to have in your home handyman cache, may help to make your frame serviceable once more. This technique works best for frames that aren’t overly dry, and have cracked (not broken) corners. For this project, you’ll need: 1) masking or painter’s tape, 2) a palette knife, 3) white Elmer’s or carpenter’s glue, 4) a roll of paper towel.

Firstly, if your frame is assembled using nails, hammer the nails in gently to make the frame Corner Joints tighter. Then start to apply some glue into the Corner Joint. We find it easiest to pour some Glue on a piece of scrap, and then apply a bit of the Glue at a time to the Corner Joint with a Palette knife. Squeeze the Corner Joint together, and remove any excess Glue with a square of Paper Towel.

Next, we’ll apply some Tape to maintain pressure on the Corner Joint. You’ll want to ensure the sticky side of the tape is facing Outwards, to prevent any of your Frame’s finish from being removed. Place two straps of tape close the corner that needs to be strengthened, pulling the Corner Joint together.

Let the frame rest overnight to ensure a strong bond; your Frame should be solid and ready for use!

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