Watch Prolific LIVE Jun 15th 5pm

I am on a mission to understand the lives and ideas of ambitious creatives, or what I like to call PROLIFIC people.
A sleeping fire lives deep within each of us that once ignited shifts our focus from consumer to creator. I believe that once that fire is lit, anything is possible. This is what makes a person PROLIFIC.
Join me as I discover prolific people and uncover what makes them tick!
In my interviews, I’m going to follow these two rules:
1 – Success Leaves Clues
2 – Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers
Our first guest for the show is Liza Zhurkovskaya of Curator on the Go.
Her prolific career includes running her own Podcast: Curator on the Go, founding and operating an amazing online art gallery: Kefi Art Gallery, and operating as a curator and consultant for both buyers and artists – putting together incredible live shows and so much more.
During the show there will be a series of live giveaways to the people who attend. There will be a live chat with one live chat winner, as well as two in-person attendee giveaways!
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