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I am on a mission to understand the lives and ideas of ambitious creatives, or what I like to call PROLIFIC people.
A sleeping fire lives deep within each of us that once ignited shifts our focus from consumer to creator. I believe that once that fire is lit, anything is possible. This is what makes a person PROLIFIC.
Join me as I discover prolific people and uncover what makes them tick!
In my interviews, I’m going to follow these two rules:
1 – Success Leaves Clues
2 – Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers
Our fourth episode airs on September 14th at 5pm, and our special guest is Julie DeBoer, professional artist and the founder of Mastrius.com.
Julie turned her negative experience as a professional artist during the pandemic into a thriving business that supports a huge, global community of artists. Thanks to their unique model of pairing a peer group with a master artist, Mastrius members have enjoyed new success in their own careers, and an antidote to the loneliness of being an artist.
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