FrameWorks Presents: Different Accents!

Different Accents, a Global Art and Design Show, at Kingston Frameworks January 4th to February 11th 2020.

Our next show ought to warm you up in this cold and wet winter! Travel with us to Mexico and New Mexico, to Panama and to Africa, and meet the artists in all these regions. ReMIXTA is a place of discovery, and you can discover a curated, never-before-seen collection in our downtown gallery this month!

Attention! Open Gallery Event!

There will be an open gallery evening on January 30th with Jenny Feuer. There will be special offers and an even larger collection to choose from, one day only!! Mark your calendar with our facebook event page (click to follow link).

About Jenny and ReMIXTA

Jenny founded ReMIXTA because of her lifelong passion for art and our shared humanity. “It’s amazing when you see these symbols, and geometric patterns that were made by indigenous Navajo, and then see strong connections to completely unrelated cultures, like Scandanavian design” is a snippet from one of the many conversations we have had.

It is a bit of a family tradition to be collecting a wide variety of historic and unique art from around the world, Jenny’s father has been collecting for decades and now Jenny has followed in his footsteps. It is astonishing to witness first hand some of the truly historic artifacts that they have discovered and ultimately brought home with them. Many of the items in her collections are highly valued by knowledgable collectors.

Jenny believes not only in the art she curates but also in the artists who create it. It is different from how we create art in Western Culture, where our focus is on “professional artists”. Many of these treasures were created because of their significant meaning, or because it is simply a part of a people and culture, and the symbology often represents a deeper understanding of life and connection with nature.

Jenny is steeped in the cultural traditions of peoples around the world. Originally from New York City, she has traveled extensively throughout indigenous regions of Mexico and Guatemala, and obtained her Masters in Philosophy in Montreal, with an emphasis on aesthetics and cultural progress. Since relocating to Kingston in 2012, she has immersed herself in the local art scene and created a space for intercultural dialogue.

What You’ll Find at “Different Accents”

We’ve deliberately added no pictures of this show, so you can always google them, but to see these discoveries in person is an entirely different experience!

Original JACK GERBER art

As a centerpiece to our show, you will discover highly valued Jack Gerber originals – some of them standalone and others brilliantly pre-framed and ready to hang. If you haven’t seen his work before, you could look it up… or you could discover his lively style for yourself in our gallery.

Navajo Pottery and Pillows

Beautifully crafted bowls with patterns that are striking in their simplicity and consistency. These Navajo bowls range from late 19th century to mid-20th century in age, and you can see the evolution over time in their style. The pillows and pillow covers are bright and intricately geometric. They make a beautiful accent for any room while giving lifting up an amazing culture.

Southwestern US Indigenous Rugs

A group of people that are direct descendents of Indigenous Navajo and Mexicans weave stunning rugs that can be enjoyed as wall hangings, throws, and of course, traditional rugs.

The patterns are bright and geometric. The symbolism of four corners represents the four cardinal directions, and other symbols represent other facets of life.

Indigenous Molas Art

Traditional textile Molas made by Panama Indigenous people is layered with fabric, physically cutaway to reveal colours, and stitched together in exciting patterns that feature animals and people. The texture of each is reflected in the way it has been framed, so the new owner of these pieces will be able to feel them by simply looking at them. Ready to hang!

More, so much more.

You’ll discover Pre-Columbian pottery (from before Columbus’ discovery of the Americas), fabric art, hand-weaved baskets, curious Mexican paintings, African statues and more than I can list here. It is a global bazaar that has landed on Princess Street. This opportunity will be gone soon, so don’t miss it! Visit us during regular hours, or on the day of our Open Gallery… or both! We do always love seeing you.