Artist Earns $40,000 of Profit with Print On Demand

In 2022, an artist who works with us added an additional $40,000 in annual profit to their art business through a seemingly simple decision: by offering quality canvas giclée prints to their fans and followers. This artist wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of their personal brand, but that doesn’t make this story any less true! They aren’t interested in bragging about their income, only helping other artists to find new ways to succeed. We are excited they shared their story with us!

If you are inspired by this short story, then we want to give you a FREE offer below. In other words, if you want to try this for yourself, we are going to help you get started for virtually no cost. As you succeed, we succeed. That is our model and we are sticking to it. 

But more on that below. First, let’s dive in.

The True Story

This artist’s original works typically sell for anywhere between $600 and $15,000, depending on the size, making them out of reach for some collectors. By offering canvas prints of their work on their website, the artist was able to provide collectors with a more accessible option at a much lower price point of $400 to $1,200. The prints were available in various sizes, with the option to add a black or white float frame to the order. In their first year alone, they earned an additional $60,000 in revenue, which came out to $40,000 in profit on print sales alone.

It was like turning on a money printing machine. No seriously. Printing money!!

Initially Unsure...

Initially, the artist was hesitant to offer giclée canvas prints, as they felt it would diminish the value of their original works. However, with the help of Kingston Frameworks, they made small changes to the appearance of the prints to clearly differentiate them from the artists’ originals, which proved to be successful. How? They decided to make the depth of the printed canvas 3/4″ instead of their usual gallery depth on originals, and made the edges different from the way they finish the edges of an original. These small changes were enough to make the prints different, but still totally desirable to their collectors

How They Did It...

The artist received special pricing on canvas printing from the Kingston Frameworks Wholesale Catalogue that allowed them to earn three to four times the cost of the work on each sale. The quality of the canvas prints was always high, leaving collectors satisfied with their purchases.

In some cases, buying a canvas print was a gateway that led to clients wishing to purchase original work. Once they saw the printed piece in their space at a lower investment, they realized how much they wanted an original too.

Besides the occasional promotion on social media or through their e-mail list, the only work that the artist had to do was to set up the products on their website. They were able to complete the website set up themselves, using their website provider with ease. While some artists may wish to have a web designer handle this work, they found it quite simple to do.

They found the published pricing of the Wholesale Catalogue to be convenient, because it allowed them to easily determine the pricing they wished to charge for each size and style. Prices are laid out in a single line that applies to multiple different aspect ratios, and the Kingston Frameworks staff were happy to help them understand the catalogue and how it applied to their work.

Surprising Benefits...

In addition to increased revenue, the artist discovered hidden benefits to offering prints. They could drive sales during a slow season simply by offering a sale on prints, without the risk of devaluing their original works. This proved to be very effective, and the additional sales more than made up for the discounted pricing. It turned a slow month into a record breaking month of real income!

Another benefit, was gaining even better pricing through the Wholesale Catalogue. Having sold as much as they did, they gained access to the Gold Tier of the Catalogue, where every order receives an automatic 20% price reduction.

A True Success Story!!

The artist says “printing has been a game changer” that actually enhanced their personal brand rather than diminished it. Now that more people can become collectors right away and live with the piece in their homes, the demand for originals has increased rather than decreased. The additional income is most welcome too!

Can You Create Your Own Effortless Stream of Income Too?

Video Updates: Since we recorded this, now over 2,000 catalogues in the hands of artists and photographers like you, and 4,000 orders made and shipped all over the world!

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Advantages of Choosing Kingston Frameworks

Want to learn more about Kingston Frameworks?

Really Real People!!

One of the great advantages to working with Kingston Frameworks is that you are not alone. Not only do we understand your needs, we also understand your business, your market, your challenges and how to overcome them.

Our team makes each product by hand (with the assistance of state of the art technology) and in doing so we consider each work a masterpiece. You can talk to us just by calling the store, or emailing us at your convenience, and we will be there for you to answer your questions, help you decide which products suit your work and so much more. 

It is no joke when we say that the artists we work with often become personal friends and we cheer for you as you succeed. You will see us active on social media and more than happy to promote artists every day. 

Virtually No Size Limit!

There is virtually no limit on how large your piece can be printed, thanks to our AI Gigapixel software.

For almost all images, even ones that began as small 8×10 pieces, we can expand the size to suit your client, and help you make a bigger sale!

Is your file a small size? Not to worry, we can enhance it for you! While it is important to get the highest quality file you can manage to begin with, there are very few files that are really a lost cause.

Fast Service!

Every order is made custom for you and your client. You can order one or a hundred prints, frames and more, and your order will be ready between 1-2 weeks (and often faster) to be shipped directly to you or your client.

On top of this, we continue to make improvements to our systems so these completion times will only get better.

Wholesale Discount Tiers

The busier you keep us, the better your pricing gets!

With higher volumes come better rates. In one of the back pages of the Wholesale Catalogue, you can see exactly how our Pricing Tiers and Volume Purchases save you money!

Better pricing means better profits, and more successful artists, which just so happens to be our mission.

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Our Instagram account @kfwcatalogue is filled with great marketing tips, but it doesn’t end there. With our upcoming website we will be releasing content regularly that helps you market your art.

Topics include…

  • Creating exciting offers for your audience
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  • How to use Social Media to encourage buying
  • How to grow your audience rapidly
  • How to navigate your art career

Our CEO Colin Morris has worked with hundreds of artists and taught courses on exactly these topics with real results for our artists.

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  • Baryta Photograde Satin Card Paper
  •  Transparencies

Stunning Mounted Print Products, such as…

  • Aluminum Dibond, Matte Finish
  • Hi-Definition Acrylic Facemount

Framing Products, such as…

  • Bright white mat board with custom openings
  • Clear Plastic Presentation Bags
  • Black and White Simplicity Frames, with or without picture framing glass
  • Moderna Natural Wood Frames, glass or no glass
  • Gallery Floating Flames, Thin and Wide Styles

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